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Ask an Advisor- Save for Retirement
April 28, 2015
My husband and I are in our late thirties, and we're not sure how much we should be saving for retirement. How can...
Impact of delayed tax refund checks on the wealthy
April 28, 2015
Many taxpayers who banked on early refunds from the Internal Revenue Service this year won't see that money quite as soon as they...
S’mores or sums? Next year, send your kids to financial literacy camp
April 28, 2015
Now that the kids are back in school, we may be asking ourselves—yet again—where the summer went. Each year, summer seems to...
Back to work – in retirement
April 28, 2015
Here’s how you should think about working after you retire in the third installment of our 12-part series. ▲ Hide Transcript ▶ View Transcript -- of...
Forget Facebook and Twitter, kids —start thinking about investing!
April 28, 2015
Today's generation of kids has been labeled the "me, me, me" generation. Let's face it: Today's technology fosters a culture of narcissism. Our digital...
What About Road Trips?
April 28, 2015
Some of the best road trips with my family and friends were spent listening to NOW CD’s or some modern Bollywood music. We...
Practice Skills: Money Management
April 28, 2015
Times of transition are now the norm. w hether you are a recent law school graduate, a pink slip casualty, ready to reenter the workforce or an...
Suddenly Single: Reinventing your bank account!
April 28, 2015
Suddenly Single- Reinventing your Bank Account" with Stacy Francis, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)
Student Loan Debt Repayment Options
April 28, 2015
Our family is suffering from my husband's overwhelming student loan debt. He took out a loan for graduate school, and when there were...
Ask an Advisor: How Should I Invest My Divorce Settlement?
April 28, 2015
Both my lawyer and CDFA advised me to take a lump sum divorce settlement that came from the sale of a rental home...