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Shweta Lawande Quoted by CNBC on COVID-19’s Impact on Women’s Retirement Planning
February 2, 2021
Financial expert Shweta Lawande of Francis Financial was featured on about how Covid has affected women's retirement accounts and how they can...
Stacy Francis Featured on Divorce Dialogues Podcast about Women’s Financial Security Through Divorce
January 8, 2021
Financial expert Stacy Francis of Francis Financial was featured on an episode of the Divorced Dialogues podcast. In this conversation she encourages women...
Stacy Francis Quoted by Forbes on Why More Women Should Consider Entrepreneurship
January 8, 2021
Financial expert Stacy Francis of Francis Financial was quoted on about how starting her own wealth management business in 2002 has given...
Stacy Francis Featured on Katie Couric Media about Ways to Save Money in the New Year
January 8, 2021
Financial expert Stacy Francis of Francis Financial was featured on Katie Couric Media about how Covid has affected people's budgets, how to set...
Stacy Francis Quoted by CNBC on Women’s Financial Challenges During COVID-19
November 19, 2020
President and CEO Stacy Francis provided commentary for CNBC on the biggest financial challenges women face during COVID.
Uptick in domestic violence amid Covid-19 isolation
October 30, 2020
As people navigate the new world, living with coronavirus, divorce rates and domestic violence cases are spiking in the U.S.
Investors Need to Know Exactly What Being a ‘Fiduciary’ Advisor Means
October 28, 2020
The most important factor when choosing a financial advisor is that they be a fiduciary.
Use of Online Mediation for a Potential Post-Quarantine Divorce Spike
October 20, 2020
When the lockdown began in the United States, two opposing predictions were on the minds of many: either there would be another baby...
Women Hit Hardest By Economic Damage Resulting From Pandemic
October 20, 2020
The road to financial recovery will be especially long for women, who have taken the brunt of the economic impact.
A Surprising Way COVID-19 Is Making Divorce More Complicated
October 6, 2020
Over 15 million employees have stock options and restricted stock plans, and this number is expected to balloon in the coming years.
Here are some smart tax moves you will want to make in a Biden presidency
October 5, 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has produced a rise in estate planning.
Prenups for Breadwinning Women: 4 Pitfalls to Avoid
September 14, 2020
Protecting the assets you bring into your marriage takes some planning. Take some time to do it right.