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Find out what your 401K costs, and how to make it work for you

Clients’ Health-care Spending Gets Closer Look From Advisors As Costs Squeeze Budgets
December 4, 2019
Find yourself struggling to manage your health-care costs in retirement? You’re not alone.
Women lag behind men in retirement savings—here are 3 things they can do to catch up
November 18, 2019
“We don’t necessarily talk about numbers,” Francis said. “We talk about our relationship with money, we learn from each other.”
Running out of money. Cancer. Divorce. Many college students are facing serious financial crises
October 31, 2019
It started out as a simple assignment: Write an essay about money.
This College Student Had to Choose: Go to Class, or Go to Work so She Can Afford to Eat
October 28, 2019
“My College Dream” is a series of first-person essays by college students about their college and career aspirations, the serious money struggles they...
When Women Are Shopping For A Financial Planner, Here’s How to Ensure They Choose You
October 23, 2019
Standing out from the herd is a challenge in any industry, but with these tools and a little practice, there’s no reason why...
11 Tips For 11 Million Women – How Female Entrepreneurs Can Beat The Odds
October 21, 2019
Here's what women entrepreneurs can do to avoid being one of the 20% of small businesses that fail in the first year or...
Serena Williams on financial abuse: ‘When you recognize the signs, you can change the pattern’
October 15, 2019
“What’s difficult is that financial abuse can take on many forms,” says Francis. “Many people who actually are victims are unaware that this...
How To Make the Most Out of Your Side Hustle Income
September 30, 2019
Just because you’re earning more doesn’t mean you need to be spending more. Make sure your extra income is really serving you best.
Smart investing strategies in any market
September 26, 2019
If the ups and downs of the stock market have you wondering what to do, you’re not alone.
Scammers Look For Vulnerability and Find It in Older People
September 12, 2019
Since 2014, nearly 1.3 million reports have been filed with the Federal Trade Commission about callers pretending to be from the Social Security...
Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Ex’s Financial Advisor
September 12, 2019
Divorce is meant to be a clean break with your spouse, so why do so many women stay with their exes’ advisors?
Women are not good with numbers.
September 11, 2019
Is it true that women are not good with numbers?