Will you outlast your money? Are you going through divorce and staying awake at night worrying about providing for your family? This is the Financially Ever After podcast, where you’ll hear stories of women like you and get advice from the industries top professionals.
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April 27, 2021

It’s difficult for people pleasers to set boundaries because the hardest word for them to say is no, explains Wendy Sterling, Divorce Recovery Specialist. However, divorce can be the most empowering experience that anybody can go through to find their true voice and identity. Listen here.

Nikki Bruno Headshot
April 13, 2021

Nikki Bruno, founder & CEO of The Epic Comeback™, shares the story of her high-conflict divorce & how it inspired her to reclaim her power plus help others to do the same. Listen here.

Robin Hauser Headshot
March 30, 2021

Documentary film director & producer Robin Hauser’s most recent film, $avvy, premiering at the Santa Barbara Int’l film festival, examines the importance of women taking control of their finances. Listen here.

Mia Poppe Headshot
March 16, 2021

Women and men think, act, & respond differently in a divorce. Matrimonial attorney, author & host of The Anatomy of Divorce Mia Poppe explains how. Listen here.

Kim Ciesinski Headshot
March 2, 2021

Financial abuse occurs when a spouse has no control or knowledge about finances. Kim Ciesinski, host of Happily Even After shares her expertise. Listen here.

Priya Royal Headshot
February 16, 2021

Estate planning is for everyone. To build intergenerational wealth in marginalized communities, women need to share resources. Listen to attorney Priya Royal here.

isa Zeiderman headshot
February 2, 2021

Narcissists will use mediation as a form of control in the divorce process – awarded Family Attorney Lisa Zeiderman gives tips on how to divorce one. Listen here.

Elysa Greenblatt Headshot
January 20, 2021

Divorce conflict can be tough on kids. Attorney Elysa Greenblatt explains how matrimonial attorneys represent children & how legal fees are decided. Listen here.

Emma Johnson Headshot
January 5, 2021

Journalist, author, & activist Emma Johnson talks about how child support can be a financial detriment to women & how to thrive as a single mom. Listen here.

Shri Bornstein Family Law Attorney
December 22, 2020

In this podcast replay, matrimonial & family law attorney Shari Bornstein talks about finding a holiday parenting middle ground. Listen here.