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Finding Assets Hidden in Plain Sight
Stacy Francis
February 4, 2021
Not surprisingly, assets are often hidden in a divorce situation. There are many motivating factors which might lead a spouse to be mum...
A Guide to Life and Health Insurance for Women, During and After Divorce
Stacy Francis
January 11, 2021
While health and life insurance are not necessarily the most exciting financial topics, the number of individuals Googling the terms has skyrocketed during...
Top Estate Planning Mistakes Divorcing Women Make
Stacy Francis
January 4, 2021
Divorce is never an easy time. It can be a huge adjustment period for most people, but women, in particular, often find that...
Why Fees Matter
Stacy Francis
December 7, 2020
More and more people are turning to financial advisors to guide their financial planning and investment management. These often life-long relationships with advisors...
Evaluating Your New Stock Options
Davon Barrett
October 27, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic continues to make an indelible impression on the job market, and the volatility is unlikely to end anytime soon. Although...
Do I Divorce During COVID or Wait?
Stacy Francis
October 13, 2020
Over the last several months, therapists have seen more marital conflict due to COVID-19. It turns out that, for couples who already have...
Tax Moves That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars in a Biden Presidency
Stacy Francis
October 1, 2020
Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s solution to getting the United States out of the coronavirus-induced economic mess is to increase taxes on the wealthiest...
Financial Abuse – The Most Common Type of Abuse That Far Too Many Ignore
Stacy Francis
September 16, 2020
What is Financial Abuse? Financial abuse is rarely acknowledged, and yet it is one of the most common types of abuse. It often...
Preparing for a Return to the Office and School
Avani Ramnani
August 31, 2020
Due to COVID-19, millions have lost their jobs and become financially unstable. As the world slowly emerges from this pandemic, we may find...
3 Steps Women Can Take to Recover and Rebound Financially From the Pandemic
Stacy Francis
August 24, 2020
Women’s Equality Day, celebrated every August 26th, commemorates the passage of women’s suffrage, granting women the right to vote in the U.S., in...
Why Financial Advice is Key Before Beginning Your Divorce
Stacy Francis
August 6, 2020
Contrary to what movies make us believe, rarely does a woman meet with my firm with the goal of taking every last penny...
Raiding Your 401(K) Can Be a Divorce Disaster
Stacy Francis
July 27, 2020
It’s more common than you might think: Tapping retirement accounts to make ends meet during divorce. And it’s also potentially much more costly...